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Horizontal Glow

Lake Superior | Lutsen, Mn | 2012

“Nature does nothing uselessly.”
~ Aristotle


Gull Lake, MN | July 2012

If my aim is true I head in the direction I intend.

My velocity is the effort I put into that aim and the depth is a product of that effort. 

If my aim misses then I must accept I have ended up in a direction differing from my vision but if I accept I will always better my depth.

Should time run out and I no longer can take aim and cast out, then it will be time to turn in and savor all that has past before.

Thaw 2012

Lake Christine | Lutsen, Mn 2012

“A lake is a landscape’s most beautiful and expressive feature.
It is Earth’s eye; looking into which the beholder measures the depth of his own nature.”
― Henry David Thoreau, Walden

FinePix S800fd | focal 4.7 | f-stop 4.5 | exposure 1/250

Rock Hunter 2012

Lake Superior | Lutsen, MN 2012

My grandmother taught me how to hunt rocks
she showed me how to study and
delicately view each stone
to examine the qualities
texture, color, shape
when I feel the weight of a stone in my hand
there is a vibration, a connection
as if I am holding the hand of my grandmother

Nikon D5100 | lens Nikkor 18-55 mm | focal 24 | f-stop 11 | exposure 1/3

Still Waters 2012

Silver Lake Park, 3 River District | MN 2012

Still reflection
broken by the glided movement
of two paired green heads

Hipsamatic | John S lens | Kodot XGrizzeled film | Dreampop flash

Green 2012

Silver Lake Park, 3 Rivers District | MN 2012

When living in the land of ice and snow, or in the case of this winter…
brown and gray
Green is always a welcome color, now just waiting for the smell of fresh cut grass and earth

Reflection 2012

Silver Lake Park, 3 Rivers District | MN 2012

Warm reflections surface of a season now past
Knowing this too will evaporate into a memory

FinePix S8000fd | focal 9.4 | f-stop 4.5 | exposure 1/300

Whispers in the Wind 2012

Silver Lake Park, 3 Rivers District |MN 2012

The wind whispers ~ Spring
as the bite of winter is exhaled on its breath

FinePix S8000fd | focal 84.2 | f-stop 5.6 | exposure 1/550

Frosty Reminder 2012

Silver Lake Park, 3 Rivers District | MN 2012

Dangling above and zoning out as I peered over the rail into the frozen lake
Embedded in the solid moisture is a reminder of another season

FinePix S8000fd | focal 44.3 | f-stop 4.5 | exposure 1/400

Rising in the Land of 10,000 Lakes

Title: Rising in the Land of 10,000 Lakes
Location: Lake Superior, Cascade, MN 2010
Setup: FinePix S8000fd | Focal Length 4.7 | F-stop 2.8 | Exposure 1/75