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Ice Dragon

DSCF6349.2 RSC

The rock of the Berry Falls
Has an Ice Dragon hiding in plain site
He rests between the cracks
In between the light

Whisper shadow footfalls
Tails rush to burn
Wind shift through
Other sides emerge


DSCF5111 A2

Two Harbors, MN | Lake Superior 2013

The ice forms around the pilings
Like plaque around an aging tooth

Green 2012

Silver Lake Park, 3 Rivers District | MN 2012

When living in the land of ice and snow, or in the case of this winter…
brown and gray
Green is always a welcome color, now just waiting for the smell of fresh cut grass and earth

Frosty Reminder 2012

Silver Lake Park, 3 Rivers District | MN 2012

Dangling above and zoning out as I peered over the rail into the frozen lake
Embedded in the solid moisture is a reminder of another season

FinePix S8000fd | focal 44.3 | f-stop 4.5 | exposure 1/400

November Ice

Pigeon Falls 2007 | Grand Portage, MN

An icy cold November day, worth the trek. Often times we think that winter has no color, look close at the tree line, varying shades of red draw a line along the rocky header.

FinePix S5100 | focal 6.7 | f-stop 2.8 | exposure 1/220