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Itsy Bitsy

“Spiders and flies–we’re mostly one t’other– / We come, we go; and when we’re done, we’re done.”
~ Edwin Arlington Robinson


Mt. Rainier | Washington State 2012


Fairbanks, Alaska | July 2012

I never tasted a flower so sweet when spread on toast as a jam.


Silver Lake Park, 3 Rivers District | MN 2012

As I walk around the park, with my furry companion
We pass the trees that have new blooms
I wish I knew the name of the trees
The blooms are so fragrant
I am drawn to the nearest branch
where Spring fills the senses

White Flower Bud 2010

Banning State Park| Sandstone, MN 2010

Life bursts all at once
last of the frost has melted away
while the river moves with fierce intent
there is a symphony of sights, sounds and smells

FinePix S8000fd |focal 9.8 | f-stop 3.5 | exposure 1/160

Yellow flower 2011

Yellow flower 2011

Banning State Park | Sandstone, MN 2011

The river bottom is lush
even in an early spring hike
Blooms appear brighter
greens appear calmer

FinePix S8000fd | focal 9.8 | f-stop 3.5 | exposure 1/75

Promise of Summer 2012

Title: Promise of Summer 2012
Location: Red Raven Retreat, Willow River, MN
Setup: FinePix S8000fd | Focal Length 9.8 | F-stop 3.5 | Exposure 1/120