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Rachel’s Eye

Several Locations | MN 2010

Rachel is the model for the “eye”
This was the lead photo in a series for an exhibit in 2010
“Susan’s Eye”
It has been my fortune in life to have traveled a few places across the United States
In the travels I have always noticed Susan Eyes’
These flowers can grow anywhere
This started me thinking, “what would a Susan’s Eye see?”
The spider is real, in fact I have numerous photos of flowers
That have spiders nestled inside or under the petals peeking out
Spiders, that is another story, as I am drawn to spiders
Or are they drawn to me?
One of a few of my totems

Promise of Summer 2012

Title: Promise of Summer 2012
Location: Red Raven Retreat, Willow River, MN
Setup: FinePix S8000fd | Focal Length 9.8 | F-stop 3.5 | Exposure 1/120