as it meanders along the way


Poem – Questions

From the works of William Ricci, a loving and gentle poem titled~

Poem – Questions.


Salute to a New Year!

Salute to a New Year!




Your absence has gone through me
Like thread through a needle
Everything I do is stitched with its color.
~W.S. Merwin


Black and White

Black and White

“Always seeing something, never seeing nothing, being photographer”
― Walter De Mulder


DSCF5111 A2

Two Harbors, MN | Lake Superior 2013

The ice forms around the pilings
Like plaque around an aging tooth

Lakeside Chips

DSC_4630 A2

Lake Superior Lutsen,MN 2013 | Drom Hytte

Frozen splinters creaked and groaned
While light is pushed across the Big Lake
Accumulated breaths of ice lined the shore

Negative 11

DSC_4575 A2

Lake Superior Lutsen,MN 2013 | Drom Hytte

Arctic stillness
Breath of the Big Lake
Hangs silently

The Only Thing Negative is the Temperature

Vestige of the Day

DSC_4584 A2

Lake Superior Lutsen,MN 2013 | Drom Hytte

Wake from slumber
Shadows cast aside
Climb down to greet the day

Gelid Dawn

DSC_4609 A2

Lake Superior Lutsen,MN 2013 | Drom Hytte

She no longer sleeps
With an exhale
Across the sheet of lake


Silver Lake Park, 3-Rivers | St. Anthony, MN | 2012 Weighted down Drifted over Cloaked memories Ruminations signaled

Silver Lake Park, 3-Rivers | St. Anthony, MN | 2012
Weighted down
Drifted over
Cloaked memories
Ruminations signaled





Our son is currently deployed. He is in our thoughts constantly, as well as the rest of our troops and the families they have at home. We wish them all safe endeavors as they go about protecting us and those other nations and cultures in need from unseen harm.


Red Raven Retreat, MN | July 2012

My little dog – a heartbeat at my feet.
~Edith Wharton


Red Raven Retreat, MN | July 2012

I see the delicate web of your wings, the fingerprint of you.
I see the amber color of your downy back, as the sun warms you.
I see the glasp of your legs, with head bowed.

We come together to share the space and energy of the beats between.


Mt. Rainier | Washington State 2012

Bill took some amazing photos of the first moose and then the second set we viewed on our trip to Fairbanks Alaska.
Great eye Bill!

Partial Eclipse of the Sun

*Same* Bridge Deck | *Still* St. Paul, MN 2012

And to quote a lyric from one of my favorite all time hands down best album
“and everything under the sun is in tune, but the sun is eclipsed by the moon.”
Only this time it is a partial eclipse.


*Same* Bridge Deck | *Still* St. Paul, MN 2012

Again, no filter.
What is sacrificed in clarity is compensated with color.
A huge thank you to my partner who puts up with my wanting to climb over bridge decks
and hang out staring into a view finder watching a solar eclipse sunset.


Bridge Deck | St. Paul, MN 2012

Solar Eclipse May 2012
Moon Dog shadows.
Refraction of light because I did not use a filter.


Living in a land that is covered with snow for 1/3 of the year I found the only way to survive is to get out in the elements.
We have snowshoe’d in weather as extreme as negative 20 degrees, photos of frozen hair to prove it. There are some who say “your nuts” to those I merely smile and say “yes, I am”!
The tree and snowscape was taken at a local state park Wild River State Park in North Branch, MN
The image of the man in the snow was taken during a photo shoot with a kindred spirit and friend.
This is my attempt at merging spirits, Mother Earth, Old Man Winter and a wise Shaman.

Willows 2012

Pussy Willow | Tofte, MN 2012

Spring first shows her soft side
Even a late spring snow cannot dampen the spirit of renewal

FinePix S8000fd | focal 9.8 | f-stop 3.5 | exposure 1/105

Day Breaking 2012

Lake Superior | Lutsen, MN 2012

The shores of the Big Lake can feel like an ocean
High tide breaks the morning shoreline
Stinging wind rolls across frigid water
Colors of the rising day cast erie shadows across the surface
Swells heave and drive the rocks into each other with a crack
Receding to build again

Nikon D5100 | Nikkor 18-55 mm lens | focal 18 | F-stop 13 | exposure 1.3

Sunset Gathered 2012

Silver Lake Park, 3 Rivers District |MN 2012

Spiny tree limbs reach
gathered is the warmth of the failing sun
the buds soak in the last of the day
prepared to erupt into another season

Hipsamatic | John S lens | Kodot XGrizzeled film | Dreampop flash

November Ice 2007

Pigeon Falls | Grand Portage, MN 2007

An icy cold November day, worth the trek.
Often times we think that winter has no color, look close at the tree line
varying shades of red draw a line along the rocky header.

FinePix S5100 | focal 6.7 | f-stop 2.8 | exposure 1/220