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Oberg Mountain | Lutsen, MN 2012

Tonight I had dinner with a very dear cousin. We had not seen or spoken to each other in many years, and neither of us could figure out why.
To say we reconnected is not exactly true, as we never really have been disconnected from one another.
We have had many changes in the last 7 or so years, children grown, trials of life, growth of spirit and a sense of knowing that “there is more”.
We are from a family of strong women and our roots are deeply intertwined.
So happy we have reunited, I have missed you coz!

Rachel’s Eye

Several Locations | MN 2010

Rachel is the model for the “eye”
This was the lead photo in a series for an exhibit in 2010
“Susan’s Eye”
It has been my fortune in life to have traveled a few places across the United States
In the travels I have always noticed Susan Eyes’
These flowers can grow anywhere
This started me thinking, “what would a Susan’s Eye see?”
The spider is real, in fact I have numerous photos of flowers
That have spiders nestled inside or under the petals peeking out
Spiders, that is another story, as I am drawn to spiders
Or are they drawn to me?
One of a few of my totems

Old Oak

Carver Regional Park | Minnetrista, MN 2011

Trees have always fascinated me
Called to me
Sometimes whispered to me
This old Oak brings back memories of childhood
Living in Nordeast Minneapolis there was not a lot of room to roam
There was a vacant lot on the fringes of the neighborhood
In this lot stood a tall strong oak
A few of us decided we would turn this old oak into a tree apartment
The only boards on this tree were the ones used to create a makeshift front stoop
Each child had a limb
Each limb was an apartment
Each apartment had a phone
A pink plastic replica of a real phone
Or two cans with a string
An entire summer was spent in the “apartment” complex
We were like birds sitting in the tree all day, we could not be seen from passersby only heard
Sounds emitting from the tree were not the sounds of birds singing but the sounds of children
That was a great summer


Silver Lake Park, 3 Rivers District | MN 2012

The same owl, stretching
She stretched both wings
before moving back into the hallow of the oak

Amazing to think that when this large
winged creature is in flight she will
emit no sound, just a swoop right before you see her


Silver Lake Park, 3 Rivers District | MN 2012

A family of Owls has taken up residence in the local park.
At dawn and the last hour of the day
You can watch as the keen eyes peer out
from the hallows of the great oak tree

The ravens drew us near
as they screech and dive the mate
far from the nest of young’uns


Silver Lake Park, 3 Rivers District | MN 2012

As I walk around the park, with my furry companion
We pass the trees that have new blooms
I wish I knew the name of the trees
The blooms are so fragrant
I am drawn to the nearest branch
where Spring fills the senses

Rock of Ages

Spring Lake Park, 3 Rivers District | MN 2012

Rock On!


Spring Lake Park, 3 Rivers District | MN 2012

Present paths built on past designs.

Sticking it Out

Spring Lake Park, 3Rivers District | MN 2012

Last season sticking in out, trying to hold tough onto the green blades of spring.

Fence Posts

Spring Lake Park, 3 Rivers District | MN 2012

The shadows always catch my attention as I come to this bend in the path.
Stately trees, casting long reminders of the passing day.

This Bud’s for You

Sliver Lake Park, 3 Rivers District | MN 2012

The trees are blooming
Senses are filled
Warm fragrance drifts along
With a fresh spring breeze
Welcome Spring!

Thaw 2012

Lake Christine | Lutsen, Mn 2012

ā€œA lake is a landscape’s most beautiful and expressive feature.
It is Earth’s eye; looking into which the beholder measures the depth of his own nature.ā€
ā€• Henry David Thoreau, Walden

FinePix S800fd | focal 4.7 | f-stop 4.5 | exposure 1/250

Misted Path 2012

Snowmobile Trail | Lutsen, MN 2012

“The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious.
It is the source of all true art and all science.
He to whom this emotion is a stranger,
who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe,
is as good as dead: his eyes are closed.” ~ Albert Einstein

Canon PowerShot ELPH 100HS | focal 5| f-stop 2.8 | exposure 1/500 | fisheye

Rock Hunter 2012

Lake Superior | Lutsen, MN 2012

My grandmother taught me how to hunt rocks
she showed me how to study and
delicately view each stone
to examine the qualities
texture, color, shape
when I feel the weight of a stone in my hand
there is a vibration, a connection
as if I am holding the hand of my grandmother

Nikon D5100 | lens Nikkor 18-55 mm | focal 24 | f-stop 11 | exposure 1/3

Weathered 2012

Old Shed | Lutsen, MN 2012

She sits atop the hill
Looking out onto the big lake
Her flanks seasoned with the weather

FinePix S8000fd | focal 5 | f-stop 4 | exposure 1/50

Willows 2012

Pussy Willow | Tofte, MN 2012

Spring first shows her soft side
Even a late spring snow cannot dampen the spirit of renewal

FinePix S8000fd | focal 9.8 | f-stop 3.5 | exposure 1/105

Day Breaking 2012

Lake Superior | Lutsen, MN 2012

The shores of the Big Lake can feel like an ocean
High tide breaks the morning shoreline
Stinging wind rolls across frigid water
Colors of the rising day cast erie shadows across the surface
Swells heave and drive the rocks into each other with a crack
Receding to build again

Nikon D5100 | Nikkor 18-55 mm lens | focal 18 | F-stop 13 | exposure 1.3

Still Waters 2012

Silver Lake Park, 3 River District | MN 2012

Still reflection
broken by the glided movement
of two paired green heads

Hipsamatic | John S lens | Kodot XGrizzeled film | Dreampop flash

Sunset Gathered 2012

Silver Lake Park, 3 Rivers District |MN 2012

Spiny tree limbs reach
gathered is the warmth of the failing sun
the buds soak in the last of the day
prepared to erupt into another season

Hipsamatic | John S lens | Kodot XGrizzeled film | Dreampop flash

Companion 2012

Silver Lake Park, 3 Rivers District | Mn 2012

My strolling companion Leroy
for those not familiar
Leroy is a red merle toy Australian Shepard
she weighs in at 10.0 lbs and is 1.5 years old
thats right folks, she will get no larger unless she is overfed

Hipsamatic | John S lens | Kodot XGrizzeled film | Dreampop flash

Hiker 2010

Banning State Park | Sandstone, MN 2010

What is it the Hiker seeks
remains of another lifetime
a window into the past
or into the future
framing the life now lived

FinePix S8000fd | focal 9 | f-stop 3.5 | exposure 1/125

Birth of a Fern 2010

Banning State Park | Sandstone, MN 2010

The birth of a newly formed fern
can be heard as it
rolls from its downy cocoon
tossing up its arms wide
to break free

FinePix S8000fd | focal 9.8 | f-stop 3.5 | exposure 1/240

White Flower Bud 2010

Banning State Park| Sandstone, MN 2010

Life bursts all at once
last of the frost has melted away
while the river moves with fierce intent
there is a symphony of sights, sounds and smells

FinePix S8000fd |focal 9.8 | f-stop 3.5 | exposure 1/160

Green Leaf 2010

Green Leaf 2010

Banning State Park | Sandstone, MN 2010

Spring brings a sense of renewal
the smell of the earth
a core of a leaf just as it starts to unfurl
the rush of a misted breeze

FinePix S8000fd | focal 9.8 | f-stop 3.5 | exposure 1/60